Everything we do requires Energy.
1000 years ago, we might not have had the need for Energy as much as we do today, but as the time passes our demand for Energy becomes higher, However, this does not come without a cost.
We have two categories of Energy sources, Renewable Energy and Nonrenewable Energy.
These sources can be used as primary energy sources to produce useful energy such as heat or used as secondary energy sources such as electricity.

Renewable Energy:
Renewable energy comes from sources that can be regenerated or naturally replenished and there are five main sources of this Energy:
Solar Energy
Geothermal Energy
Wind Energy

Nonrenewable Energy:
Over 80% of the Energy we use in the world comes from Nonrenewable Energies like:
Natural gas
Hydrocarbon gas liquids
Nuclear Energy

Petroleum, Natural gas, and coal are called fossil fuels (also known as Traditional Fuels) because they are formed by natural processes over millions of years such as decomposition of buried dead organisms.


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