Around the world, 100 cities source more than 70% of their power from renewables, such as hydro, geothermal, solar and wind, according to a new analysis which reveals the crucial role clean energy already plays in powering the world’s economic hubs. The number of cities sourcing more than 70% of their power from renewables has more than doubled from the 42 cities who reached the 70% benchmark the last time CDP reported on the issue back in 2015.

Across the US, 58 cities and towns have now committed to transitioning to 100% renewable energy, including most recently Denton in Texas and St Louis in Minnesota. Seattle, Auckland, and Nairobi among urban centers sourcing majority of their power from renewables, as more than 40 cities now run on 100% clean electricity. Many towns and cities around the world have committed to hitting 100% renewable power by 2050.

Here‘s a complete list of all of the Renewable Energy Cities from the data published by investor-backed non-profit CDP.

CDP data shows cities around the world are currently instigating clean energy developments worth $2.3bn across almost 150 projects, while more than $52bn of investment is being mobilized in low carbon urban infrastructure projects such as energy efficiency upgrades, electric transport networks, and smart city programmes.


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